Different or the Same?

The Bible doesn’t classify and categorize sexual sins according to “hierarchy” or “scale of severity” but lists them in the same group.

For example, fornication (sex between unmarried people), adultery (sex outside the marital covenant), and homosexuality (sex between the same gender) are listed together (read Leviticus, 1 Thessalonians, 1 Corinthians and more).

However, we Christians, for example, tend to separate homosexuality as one sin that is not acceptable before God while seeing cohabitation and having sex outside marriage as somehow acceptable, or I will say, “Tolerable” sin.

Let me give you an example: In a family gathering, when a cousin brings his girl and introduces her to his family saying, “I met her in campus and since living expense is too high, we decided to live together”, some of his family members congratulate him as if he said, “I got married.” If that same cousin brings a man with him and said, “Hey family, this is my boyfriend and we are living together,” they will send him out of this world with their looks of hatred.

But the truth of the matter is fornication, adultery and homosexuality are sexual immoralities; they are just different forms of sexual immoralities DONE DIFFERENTLY.

Whatever lifestyle people choose, our call as Christians is not to treat them differently according to their sin but to share with them the Good News of God, the Gospel, in love and respect. ///