Salvation Comes before Sexual Purity

“I ran into your page after I saw one of your speaking engagement flyers shared on one of my friends’ Facebook account. After reading one or two of your articles, I got interested to read more. I always ask why I’m reading your posts because I don’t even call myself a believer in God. I mean I believe there is God but I don’t have a religion or anything. I believe my sexuality is my own business. However, when I read your logical explanation of how God created us and how God cares about our sexuality, and why it is healthy to have sexual relationship with only one person in a marriage, it made a lot of sense for me. After reading some of your posts, I noticed that all of my friends, including me, are into so many addictions. We do sex whenever we want to but none of us can live with ourselves without something to silence our soul (as you said it in one of your articles). We cover one addiction with another. We all look like we love life but none of us are living it. We are just covering all up. My friends and I always party together on weekends. The other day, your page was one of the topics we talked about in the middle of partying. Although we all were a little drunk, amazingly enough, we all were on your side, lol. None of us dared to say that our lifestyle is better than the life you portrayed on your page. But I think we are far gone with the other side. I mean, for example, I slept with two women last week only and I don’t have any relationship with any one of them now. I have this desire to have my own woman and kids. But I know that I have to be somebody else to have that kind of life. I sometimes feel like you are writing a fairy tale, lol. Seriously! If I turn my TV or radio on, or talk to a random person on the street, they all are talking about a life which is completely different from the life you are talking about. But deep down in my heart, I know you are talking about a life one can successfully live but how do you cross this life to the life you advocate to? I am sorry to say this since I don’t have that much knowledge about Bible but I feel like the Bible itself is contradicting itself. I see polygamy and adultery being accepted as a lifestyle in the Bible itself and I don’t see God rebuking those lifestyles. I mean I have lots and lots of questions but for now: How can I lead a sexually pure life?”

First, thank you for vising my page and making my page a topic of a party floor. What a joy for me to hear that!

Second, well, I don’t have too much to say to you because sexual purity is not something you need first. As you said, you have to be “somebody else” for you to have the kind of life you may notice on my writings and I will tell you what that being “somebody else” mean.

The Bible says: “- – – no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again. – – – no one can enter the kingdom of God unless they are born of water and the Spirit.” John 3:3, 5

That means you can’t be the kind of person God wants you to be unless you are born of God’s own Spirit and take the water baptism which is a sign of your new birth. I can see you have many biblical, philosophical and theological questions which I think need to be addressed but not now, rather after you invite your Savior into your heart. After you surrender your life to Christ and soak yourself in prayer and into His Word, you may find those questions to be irrelevant.

So, my advice for you is twofold: First, find a Bible believing church in your area, go and ask for help from the ministers so that they will help you learn the way of God; second, come back to my page and read the articles you read all over again.

What you need to know first is not how to live a sexually pure life but how to know the Shepherd of your soul; whose name is Jesus Christ.

Please find people who can help you know Him so that you can continue from there. My blessings to you and yours! ///