Thank you and New Project

The number of likes I’ve been waiting for!

2000! Well, to be exact, 2002!

May all the glory, praise and honor be to Jesus Christ who makes an extraordinary work through not ordinary person but less than an ordinary person like me! I praise Him forever! I’m nothing without Him!

God gave me people like you guys who relentlessly support and encourage me. Your support and encouragement motivates me never to quit even when the tide is lowest! Thank you so much guys! I wish I could start mentioning each one of my strong supporter’s name so that I will be satisfied but you are many. May the LORD bless you guys for helping me stay on Facebook and widen this ministry. I love you guys! May the LORD keep you in His blessing and grace!

And may the LORD help me to continue to minister to you faithfully without watering down the Truth of God!

Well, the more you drop your comments on the post and share the A4P post, A4P is able to reach as many people as it otherwise won’t be able to. Only last week, the message of A4P was delivered for more than 11 thousands of people across the globe (according to the weekly report on the page from Facebook).

What else do I need? Nothing! God asks us to proclaim it as it is and I strive to do just that. The changing and renewing of life is His and from all the beautiful life stories and testimonies I hear almost every day, I know that my labor is not in vain. What a joy to be a co-laborer with Jesus Christ!

So, today is the first day I will launch a brand new project. I will drop a video clip on A4P Facebook page and twitter. Today’s clip is just the intro and from today’s on, I will drop one clip with a message or two, as often as I possibly can. As always, I depend on you to spread it across the globe. Will you help me? Will you support me?

Thank you and God bless you!

In Christ, Missy.