Good morning my Facebook fans

What a beautiful Saturday morning!

I can’t tell you how much I enjoy this kind of morning. May all the glory and praise be to our God who makes beautiful days such as this one for us to enjoy!

Okay, for the next two hours, I will be on Facebook. If you have any question or anything you want to talk to me, drop me message. Make sure you drop your messages in my inbox, not on the post so that I will respond back to you.

Thank you guys for liking and sharing the flyer I posted yesterday night. But I want more people to “share” this flyer so that many people will hear about this exciting program.

Will you help me? Will you support me? Please press like and share the flyer so that many people will attend the program.

BTW, if there is any topic you want me to go over during the June 6th and 7th PalTalk program; let me know by dropping your message in my inbox.

So, my Saturday morning, for next two hours, I will be hanging out with you all. My families are not morning people, but I’m always an early bird, lol. So, until their day starts, I will spend time with you all. How does sound to you?

Looking forward to hearing from you,
In Christ, Missy.

P. S. If you read this via email and have a question or message your want to drop, email me: missysaltand light (or kifetew)