Waiting on God

When it comes to waiting on God, it seems unfair for how long God wants us to wait. It is not like we don’t pray enough or anything. We do pray but it feels like our prayers don’t make it to God passing through the ceiling.

Personally, I sometimes feel like God is waiting on me, not me waiting on Him. I think He waits for me until I get my acts together, knowing how to wait and receive from Him.

When we wait on God, I believe it is not the length of time we wait on God that matters the most but in what kind of condition we choose to wait on Him.

If we wait on guests to arrive at our house for dinner, we don’t wait for them sleeping, do we? Not really! It doesn’t matter if we are a last-minute person. We run around our house making sure that the table is set and the house, including the restroom, is presentable, ready to welcome our guests. There is no way we wait sitting and watching TV or being on the phone with a friend.

And when we pray and wait for God to answer our prayers, we sometimes wait having “a Plan-B” on our hands, “If this one doesn’t ask me for marriage, I will say “Yes” for the other one; while I wait for that godly man, it is okay for me to sleep with this one.”

You see, how we wait matters. Why? How we wait on God speaks volume about how much we believe in God and His Words.

If a girl waits on God to get married, she has to put “all her eggs” in one basket called “trust in God”; getting rid of all the alternatives whatsoever (especially sin from her life). The world says, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. Why? If one basket can’t make it, you will have another one to lean upon. So what is the magic word? DIVERSIFY!

Putting all your eggs in one basket is good advice in the case of 401(k) investment but when it comes to waiting on God, we actually have to put all our “EGGS”, all our hopes, cares, dreams, desires, visions, and everything else in one basket called “trust in God”. Finito! Then we can say with confidence, “I’m waiting on God”. Then, only then can we be sure to see God moving on our behalf.

Otherwise, we wait and wait and wait and end up with our Plan-B which is going to be “a disaster and regret for life”. Why? Our Plan-B may look “green” from the outside for a time being but it doesn’t last long. Soon it shows its true color.

The one that is from God will come with one color that lasts for a lifetime.

So, if a girl waits on God to get married, she has to wait for God to respond to her prayers as she prepares herself to be a godly wife as the Word of God says she should. She has to prepare herself to accept the man God brings into her life. If she doesn’t have any Plan-B in store, she accepts the man God brings into her life. She won’t say, “But his nose is very short,” or, “He is shorter than me, I want a six-foot tall man”. Are you serious? Remember, she puts all her eggs in one basket. So, she takes the man God brings into her life.

Are you waiting on God to get married? If you are, make sure you don’t make God wait on you. People who truly wait on God will never put to shame:

“Yet those who wait for the Lord
Will gain new strength;
They will mount up with wings like eagles,
They will run and not get tired,
They will walk and not become weary” (Isaiah 40:31) ///