The “Irreplaceable” Movie

A little emotional right now but I can write this. I got emotional after watching the movie clip of the “Irreplaceable”.

If you live in America, please don’t miss a one-night theatrical event, “Irreplaceable”, which will be in theaters across the country on May 6. It’s going to be only for one night. You can buy your tickets online. It takes like two minutes.

If you live in Canada, it will be on May 7. Don’t miss it!

If you have kids, take them with you. There are wise and knowledgeable spiritual people behind this theatrical presentation. They put things together in a way for us to understand what family is all about from the Biblical point of view, in a very practical way. We may not be able to communicate that truth with our kids with such accuracy and tactfulness.

So it is a good opportunity for all of us to watch this historical theater with our kids.

Remember we’ll all soon be history. Our kids are going to be the ones to take “the baton” from our hands. And we have to make sure you give them the baton in a way that is going to give glory and praise to our God and Savior. And one way to do that is to make sure that our kids understand what marriage and family are all about.

I don’t know about you but we sometimes struggle to tell to our kids about the importance of marriage and family. But we usually don’t struggle to tell them about what sin is. Well, it is good we know what sin is but we should also know what righteousness is.

Do we know what marriage is all about? Is family a political agenda or God’s agenda? Why does divorce hurt us so deep? Why is it very crucial for a man to marry one woman and stay married with her till death do them part? Why is it sinful and hurtful for us to have sex outside of marriage? Why did God put a fence around sex, a fence that is called marriage? Is marriage an idea people came up with? Is marriage important for us? Are family and marriage issues of democrats and republicans? (The movie may not answer all these questions but will lead us into the right direction for us to dig more.)

Make sure you watch the “Irreplaceable” movie. It is a one night movie. Make sure you watch the clip of the movie I attached with this note (this is not the trailer of the movie but the clip of the movie). Please do your part as you share this with others.

Remember, our part is to convince and persuade but to share, the rest is not ours. Our part is to shine the light, to proclaim the truth; to tell it as it is; to declare God’s goodness and mercy. The rest is God’s part.

Will you do your part as you share this with others? Thanks and God bless you! ///