One more question about the A4P Match Making Service

“As a reference you said that you will ask the pastor about the man/woman who apply for the matching service. But most pastors today don’t know about their people. As long as a man gives his tithe and offerings to the church, the pastor speaks well of him. How do you see that?”

I see and understand your concern but remember, we are human beings and we are dealing with human beings. I can’t implement a “human-proof” program. If I do, I will end up with robots, computers and TV sets. And I don’t think anybody will want to have a relationship with these things. You see, this matching service or your own way of searching for a life partner can’t be free from shortcomings. And to tell you the truth, you marry a person you have no clue about whether you find a person on matching service or while he/she is walking on the road. That is true of every marriage. The outside look disappears and character and attitudes will surface after you say “I do”. That is the fact of life.

That is why they say, “Marriage is a school you will never graduate from”. So, that in mind, don’t expect the A4P matching service to be perfect. And always remember, this service is not set up for marriage but it is set up as a connection spot for those who are ready to get married to meet. That means you are the one who is going to do the homework to see if the person has what it takes to be your beloved and wedded spouse. I hope this will make the reference issue somehow clear. ///