Match Making Ministry

“Match Making Ministry”, the phrase of the week!!!

Okay, guys, let’s rock and roll with the idea of match making ministry.

If you are single, live in America or Canada, want to get married and want to try the matching service of A4P, inbox me your basic demographic information:

Name, gender, age (very important), religion, place of residency (full mailing address), phone number, education, language, hobby, any awards or accomplishments, income (very important), name of your church, in what ministry you are serving God in your church (unless you are in the ministry for the last six months, it is not important to mention it, but your membership should be more than six month) and the name of the pastor you are under (very important).

And if you have Facebook account, your Facebook account should be on your real or original or official name. I won’t consider any applicant with the FB name such as “I am the child of God”. Not accepted! Your official name is very, very important. Your Facebook account should have at least a six month history with your pictures. If your friends wrote a comment and used a different nick name, please include that nick name in parenthesis next to your official name, (for example: Meskerem T. Kifetew (Missy)).

If you are reading this via email and don’t have Facebook account, make sure include all the information I mentioned above and make sure

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you write your official name with your nick name and your mailing address. If you have account of any other social networking sites than Facebook such as linkedIn, Instagram, oovoo or twitter, or any, let me know and the name of your account should be on your official name. Your account must have at least a minimum of six month history. Otherwise it is not important to mention it).

If you are married and want to be involved in this ministry in areas such screening and interviewing, inbox me.

For the next two and half hours, I will be on Facebook. If you have question or something, inbox me. I will respond back to each one of you but not as quickly as you may want to. My inbox is getting a little crowded now. So, bear with me. But know this: I will respond back to you as soon as I can.

Take care,

In Him, Missy.